WP Marketing Suite For PPC Marketers

WP Marketing Suite has a broad range of applications, from affiliate links, swapping out page content, and catering specifically to mobile users… one use scenario that’s a little bit different caters fantastically to paid search and landing pages however. That is creating custom segments using URL parameters and then changing out content.

How would this work? Let’s look at a hypothetical campaign for this page, and then change the title depending on how the user got here. Let’s modify it based on an Adwords adgroup/keyword.
So in your ad you can create some custom parameters based on the Keyword inside your campaign. Let’s take the example for the following 3 keywords:

wordpress geotargeting  , let’s give an ID of ‘wpgeo’

wordpress personalization  =  wpprn

wordpress cloaking  = wpclk

We would then have the following landing pages:

Try clicking each of these and see how the ‘Awesome Title For Your Landing Page’ changes…

The huge advantage of this is that you don’t have to build specific landing pages for each of your ad groups and keywords, allowing you to have an authorative ‘core’ page which can be used across multiple adgroups, keywords or even campaigns. This could be a main page which also could be SEO’d, something that typically cannot be done with SEM specific landing pages