Proven WordPress Personalization Strategy

When it comes to using any personalization tool for WordPress such as WP Marketing Suite, it’s vital to have a strategy behind the tactics you’re employing.

A proven WordPress personalization strategy that we’ve used with great success is simply to adopt a ‘test and optimize’ approach.

So what exactly do we mean by this?

With ‘test’, we’re talking about you creating different variations to test. Some may think of this in the more traditional sense of A/B Testing, however it’s simply using this mindset. A good example of this, would be to test eg. geo-location personalization vs device targeting for a specific campaign you’re focusing on driving conversions for.

By have a ‘test’ with multiple personalization tactics in place, this will give you a black and white understanding of which tactics are yielding the highest conversions and ultimately return on investment.

So now it comes to ‘optimize’. When looking at optimizing your activity through WP Marketing Suite, we recommend you run your ‘tests’ for at least 1 week each, or until you populate enough data/traffic for that test to be statistically relevant.

If you are driving high traffic volumes through PPC marketing, you’ll be able to validate your tests a lot sooner than if you’re only traffic source is organic search for example.

The best thing about the ‘test and optimize’ approach is that it’s a continually cyclical process, which means that after you’ve run several personalization tests and optimized them, you will go back and continue to test new things such as markets, and key messaging.

We hope this handy approach will help you get as much as you can out of a robust WordPress personalization tool such as WP Marketing Suite.