Sometimes on a page it makes sense to alter or remove a link depending on the type of user on a page. This is especially true for sites that monetize using outbound affiliate links. You may want to change where a link goes depending on what country a user is from for […]

WPMS v0.4 released

                  Just released, WP Marketing Suite 0.4 contains the following fixes and features. Fixes Custom segments within WPMS widgets now display properly. Auto update of MaxMind database fixed. Menu Icon bug fixed – (menu icon was overwriting some existing menu items) Features Give your custom short codes […]

WP Marketing Suite For PPC Marketers

WP Marketing Suite has a broad range of applications, from affiliate links, swapping out page content, and catering specifically to mobile users… one use scenario that’s a little bit different caters fantastically to paid search and landing pages however. That is creating custom segments using URL parameters and then changing out content. How would this […]

Proven WordPress Personalization Strategy

Personalization for WordPress

WP Marketing Suite is a powerful, compact plugin. We, as fellow internet marketers have often found that the current plugin market hasn’t catered for a holistic marketing automation tool, that allows for personlization for WordPress. There are enterprise tools out there such as Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System, or Adobe’s Test & Target, however these tools […]