Features - WP Marketing Suite

Key Features

Wp Marketing Suite isn't your standard plugin

  • Geo-Targeting


    Tailor messaging to your audience based in their physical location

  • Channel Source

    Channel Source

    Customise your offer/content based on what channel visitors come from

  • Device Targeting

    Device Targeting

    Customize content based on device type visitors are using

  • Geo-Targeting
    Country, State, City, ZIP, Radius
  • Geo-Insertion
    Allows you to dynamically insert the users country or city name, without having to create a segment.
  • Device Targeting
    Target windows, mac, android, tablet, mobile users independently.
  • IP Address Targeting
    If you know the specific IP of a visitor to site, create a specific message for them.
  • Custom Visitor Segments
    Create your own custom segments using any combination of the above dimensions using our rule builder.
  • Works WIth Unlimited Visitors
    Because it’s self hosted, you don’t have to worry about usage limits or tiered monthly plans.
  • Unlimited Segments
    Create an unlimted number of visitor segments for your site using custom shortcodes.
    Eg: Mobile users, Mobile users from Australia, Mobile users from Australia on iOS… the sky is the limit.
  • Unlimited Projects on unlimited pages
    You are not limited to only have several optimisation or personalization projects at once. However many you can create, you can run!
  • Once Off Payment
    Buy once and get for life with a year of updates and support. No costly monthly subscriptions which can change price or drop/change features at any time.
  • Works alongside SAAS optimisation suites, like Optimizely and VWO
    Because our targeting and personalization happens serverside and not through the visitors browser using javascript in your header, WP Marketing Suite can work alongside cloud based optimisation suites.

WP Marketing Suite has focused on the essentials for website and content personalization – all to help you deliver more conversions and higher relevance to your target audience. We’ve made a conscious effort to only include features that we know fellow internet marketers will actually use.

We have a well defined product roadmap for the second half of 2014 which key functionality includes A/B Split Testing and enhanced Rules Based Personalization.

With WP Marketing Suite, you’re able to increase conversions through personalization from day one.