Cloaking, Changing, Removing Links using shortcodes in WordPress

Understanding Shortcodes




Sometimes on a page it makes sense to alter or remove a link depending on the type of user on a page.

This is especially true for sites that monetize using outbound affiliate links. You may want to change where a link goes depending on what country a user is from for example.

Take a look at this example link:

Now you are visiting from: United States

If you are visiting from Australia, the above link will go to –

United states it will go to –

Canada it will go to –

All other countries –

Awesome. However WPMS does some extra things that other affiliate link managers can’t do. With WPMS we can combine geography with other factors to get even more specific with links. For instance, how about sending to dedicated mobile landing pages for mobile users, or sending to specific sub-sections of sites depending on what state a user lives in? All possible with WordPress Marketing Suite.


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